We help people build their skills for effective social change & transformative partnerships.


We help people build their skills for effective social change & transformative partnerships.

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Training for Community Leaders & Their Allies Working for Social Change

Community Leaders of Grassroots Programs

Our one-of-a-kind program provides online training and personalized coaching for community leaders and their organizations, to equip them to lead grassroots community programs which fight poverty, injustice, and oppression.

Donors, Organizations & Allies for Social Change

We work with foundations, family trusts, nonprofits, businesses, corporations, churches, rotaries, and individuals who want to accelerate their efforts for social impact, philanthropy and corporate social responsibility.

What We're All About


The Challenge

More than ever, we need community leaders who are working toward positive social change at the local level. Important initiatives such as equity, human rights, community empowerment, and local sustainability require capable leaders.

However, the vision of many would-be community leaders fail before ever having the opportunity to get off the ground. Too often, these dreams are underdeveloped and leaders lack the tools and knowledge needed to succeed, adapt, and reach their full potential.

We must equip new and growing community leaders to advance as founders and create successful community programs, NGOs, nonprofits, or organizations.

Our Solution

Our leadership & community development training is designed with up-and-coming leaders and organizations in mind. We specialize in training for individuals (such as founders), and for organizations ready to equip their staff for greater empowerment and responsibilities.

Our program cultivates clarity in the essential aspects of starting, running, and growing a nonprofit or charitable organization, along with educating in the details of fundraising and the building blocks of a successful community program.


Boost Social Impact & Support Our Program

Over 90% of our trainees receive scholarships.

We rely on the generosity and commitment of our donors to offer these scholarships and not turn away any trainee based on financial need.

Your support matters. Help us create greater impact by supporting our community leaders to change their communities from the bottom up. 


Grassroots Community Leadership

Join the solution! Community leaders supported through our capacity building programs obtain the tools and skills needed to start and grow their programs, including fundraising for their work, and to grow in their ability to address their community's deepest needs.

Enrollment is open.
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