This month, we offered 12 community leaders scholarships to our program. The training has begun, they are working their way through our introductory courses, and will be in our training program for the coming two years.

Our mission is to equip people for locally-led social change. This cohort consists of 12 individuals from eight different countries: India, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda. Already, our trainees and alumni are working in Somalia, Nepal, Ecuador, Congo, Belize, Mexico, Sudan, Haiti, Benin, Togo, Ethiopia, Republic of Guinea, and Ghana, among other places as well.

The work already happening

Many of our trainees have already launched their own nonprofits or community-based organizations: one leader in Uganda is engaging those in policy-making positions to become involved more in the communities which they are making decisions in. In Tanzania, another is working to provide vocational training for youth by developing their skills in leadership and entrepreneurship. Another new trainee in Kenya found us through one of our alumni who has worked with us since 2016, so we are now in Grand-Mentorship status and we are thrilled!

We are entering a new phase of Cultivate. We continue to come alongside global community leaders to support them holistically. But we are also expanding our efforts to equip people, businesses, foundations, churches, rotaries, and others who want to use their philanthropy to create lasting social change. To do this well, we have launched this new cohort model where scholarshipped leaders join our program twice a year. This way, we can equip people for locally-led social change throughout the year, while still giving leaders focus and attention of a like-minded group learning at the same time they do.

How you can support

Take a moment to look through our website, and find out more about these trainees, and consider connecting and supporting a trainee by following them on social media:

If you believe in what we’re doing, help us offer more scholarships to our next cohort which will be starting in 2024. This fall, we received 33 applications for scholarships, and were able to accept just 12 leaders. We anticipate even more applicants next year. Donate a scholarship now to equip future organizational leaders! Donate by clicking here.