A Year in Review

This past year has been significant in our journey as an organization. Fifteen community leaders participated in our program. These leaders are now empowered and equipped with knowledge and skills, which they are using in their social impact programs. Thousands of people worldwide are being impacted by their work. As we invested into these leaders, we realized the need to innovate so the program could be scaled. More people and organizations want to take part in our program, which is an exciting place to be! We are now building our capacity so that we can serve many more people.

As I look toward the future of Cultivate, I see absolute potential. There is potential to equip more community leaders and potential for Cultivate to be a voice for change in the nonprofit sector. This potential takes a village to execute — a few of us cannot do this on our own. It takes people like you, who see a problem and commit to being a part of the solution. So, I thank you for what you have given to make us what we are today, and I ask that you continue as we grow into our potential. Together, we are serving leaders so their work can have greater, lasting impact and their communities will thrive.

Elaine Tymchak
Founder and Executive Director

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