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How to Be a Great Donor & Philanthropist

We are soon launching an online class for anyone who wants to learn how to be a great donor, a great philanthropist and how to increase the impact that you want to have in the ...
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What is a fiscal sponsor?

Many community leaders approach Cultivate asking for financial support. Though we cannot give grants or other financial support to people in our program, we do help them find a fiscal sponsor. Fiscal sponsorship is an ...
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A new cohort of community leaders

This month, we offered 12 community leaders scholarships to our program. The training has begun, they are working their way through our introductory courses, and will be in our training program for the coming two ...
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Suggested Resources for Deeper Learning

If you are an ally, donor, supporter or advocate for social change, please take the time to grow your understanding and capacity for transformative partnerships. We suggest the following to get you started. Courses Cultivate’s Introduction ...
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Empowerment at our Kenya Conference!

Digital is not always best. Since our start in 2016, Cultivate’s programs have been offered online, so that anyone, anywhere, can access them. But nothing can replace true human connection, the kind that can only ...
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A Bit of News

I’ve been struggling with how to begin: how should I make this information public, and what is important to share. My hope is that through honesty and openness, your trust in me and my work ...
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Heroes Are Merely Human

We like to look at heroes and point to the leaders who “changed everything for the better.” If you take a moment to think of a few heroes, you might come up with names throughout ...
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A Clearer Purpose and Direction

Robert addressing the Twegeme Walala Women's Group Robert did not have any formal training on how to effectively serve his community until working with Cultivate. His community organization is working to address extreme poverty in ...
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From Start to Sustainability: The Program Design and Implementation Process

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were given step by step instructions for our life? If we could just follow a preset plan each day? For some of us, that sounds like a dream. Wake ...
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The Challenges of Funding for International Development 

There are many challenges international development organizations face. Often, they work in a context where poverty and oppression are commonplace for most members of the community, and where the lack of infrastructure, good governance, and ...
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Cultivate A Different Kind of Holiday Season

There has been so much talk about how this holiday season is going to be different because of the shipping delays and the break in the supply chain.  You may not be able to order ...
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Trying a Different Approach

In our community development course, we talk about asset-based community-driven development. Within this course, we explore how to best work with communities and their members to produce lasting change. As outsiders to a community, we ...
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Overcoming Learned Helplessness

In the last few months, I have had deep and fulfilling discussions with our trainees about dependency, helplessness and empowerment. It’s both heartbreaking and inspiring to look at the complexities of why people and entire ...
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Self-Reflection: Time Management

How Do You Manage Your Time? In our intro course, we ask our trainees to evaluate their time management. Whether you are in a culture that highly values time, or in a culture where time is ...
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Changing the Cycle: The Health Crisis of Period Poverty

Like many other students in Kenya, Jane's life has been affected by the cycle of poverty. Although she is old enough to attend secondary school, the difficulties of purchasing basic needs have taken away many ...
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The Impact of COVID-19 on the Global South

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to deeply impact our global trainees, as it has for members of our own immediate communities. Great challenges and devastation are limiting these community leaders’ access to resources for their ...
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Africa’s Potential & Philanthropy

Africa’s potential is great and its ability to take charge of its own destiny is foundational to the continent’s future success.  However, we live in a globalized reality where power still is in the hands ...
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New Programs, New Look!

Here at Cultivate, we are busy working behind the scenes to launch three new programs in the coming year! Along with our new programs, we are excited to show off the new look of Cultivate’s branding. ...
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Cultivating Hope Amidst the Pandemic

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing hardships that have come with it for the world's poorest communities, we have pivoted our programs to support the community leaders we work with in the ...
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A Year in Review

This past year has been significant in our journey as an organization. Fifteen community leaders participated in our program. These leaders are now empowered and equipped with knowledge and skills, which they are using in their ...
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You Shop, We Receive

Storm Creek 2019 Holiday Partnership Storm Creek, a Minnesota-based outdoor apparel company, is partnering with Cultivate International for the 2019 holiday season.  This partnership has already resulted in $1600 of donations to Cultivate, you can ...
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This is Us

We exist to empower and serve community leaders across the globe. They have the vision, passion, and dedication, we simply help them with the resources, knowledge and skills to help make it a reality. Learn ...
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In Remembrance of 9/11

Today is a day of remembrance and mourning in the USA for the terrorist attacks that happened 18 years ago. The world changed after this event in so many ways, not only for Americans, but ...
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Two are Better Than One

This weekend I had the opportunity to collaborate with some very intelligent and insightful people, and was reminded that two are always better than one. A dozen is even better! On Friday night, I was ...
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Perseverance is a tough lesson to learn, but in the end, it is one of the most valuable ones. It makes you stronger, more patient, and helps you embrace what is most important. For the ...
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Could I Be Your Child?

Gasilda is an 11-year-old Mozambican girl who is already pregnant by her 70-year old husband. Her story is horrific, but it must be told. Consider if she was your child. What if your poverty forced ...
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Prepare For What’s To Come

Working towards something that has not yet arrived is tough. You must have a strong vision to keep you moving, and when your energy falters, you must have something to cling to just so you ...
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Podcast: Why change in development is so needed

Our Executive Director was recently featured on The Twin Cities Wellness Collective's podcast. Click below to listen! Here are a few of the topics discussed: There are so many community insiders who have potential, the commitment ...
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You Gotta Have People

It's all about community. Lately, I've been struggling through both personal and work issues, and this weekend I was reminded once again how it's all about the community surrounding me. When you have people who love ...
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Do I Quit When It Gets Too Hard?

Recently I've been experiencing many life difficulties, and it makes me question my ability to continue giving all of myself to Cultivate when life pulls me in so many directions. I ask myself if I ...
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Responding To The Tough Stuff

When things don't go as you planned, will you lose your patience? When you have to do something you don't understand, will you get mad at yourself? These are the questions I've been asking myself ...
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Third World, The Needy, & Black Panther

In the kind of work that I do, I often have to think about how language can either harm or help someone. When I'm talking to someone or come across a statement that says third ...
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How Can I Be Confident?

One of my biggest struggles as a leader is confidence. I question whether I am capable of being the kind of leader Cultivate needs me to be, and whether I can live up to the ...
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Make Your Dreams a Reality

In December, I graduated from university with a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations. I joined clubs that interested me, I studied foreign languages—Russian and French—and I completed a minor in Peace and Conflict ...
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Change Starts in the Mind

I am Grace, a 27 year old Ivorian woman, who received the opportunity to come to America to study International Relations and Public Administration. My plan has always been to go back to my country ...
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My Moment of Connection

I was born in a small village in a Chinese southern place that was quite poor. I lived there until I was 4, when my parents moved our home to a small city, later to ...
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Be Ready for Change

I recently returned from a two week trip to Rwanda, where our partners Fred (Rwanda), Padox (Kenya), and Martinho (Mozambique) joined me for an intensive training focused on leadership, community development, and project sustainability. Our ...
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Catching a Vision

As a new intern with Cultivate, I have been on a steep learning curve over the course of the past month. I am currently in the process of finishing my undergraduate degree in International Community ...
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Intimate Knowledge

Intimate knowledge of a community is key. Development is an ongoing process. Commonly mistaken as charity to the “third-world” (a term we at Cultivate avoid), development, in fact, occurs in nations of all economic levels. However, ...
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Growing Pains

When I was young, I experienced some pretty terrible growing pains. My legs hurt so badly, nothing could subside the pain. But those pains led to my physical growth, which is something that I needed ...
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Different, Yet the Same

For International Women's Day (March 8, 2017), we were able to share our stories on KFAI and are so excited to share it with you as well! Listen to hear how a history of war, ...
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Alive with Possibility

A few years ago, Brand South Africa ran an ad campaign about South Africa with the slogan “Alive with Possibility.” “Alive with Possibility” meant that my country still had a long way to go but ...
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Breaking the Bondage of Dependency

Dependency is not something that can be easily talked about.  It's not anything that anyone truly wants to own up to. You definitely don't brag about it. I'm sure that few ever say "I'm so ...
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The Formula for Success

I just recently returned from a visit to some of the most beautiful parts of the country that I've ever seen. During this time I was able to be up close and personal with God's creation ...
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The Pitfall of Perfection

In this journey of starting a non-profit organization, I've had to learn a lot of lessons, many of them that I did not want to have to learn. An important lesson that I'm still working through ...
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Childhood & Leadership

Today I was listening to a podcast on childhood, and though it was not particularly addressing it, I began to think of the implications that childhood has on someone's ability to be a strong leader. The ...
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Bringing Life into the World

A few years ago, someone pointed out to me that we all have a need, a drive, to create and bring life into the world. This deeply resonated with me, as I was struggling through ...
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Hello World. This is Cultivate.

I’m often asked what Cultivate International is, what we do, and what is my foundation for this work.  I’ll share more on this soon, but to begin I’d like to explain a bit of the ...
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