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2021 Cohort Training for Community Leaders

Join our cohort of community leaders from around the globe for a personalized, comprehensive training experience to grow your capacity to effectively lead a successful, thriving community organization.

Developed specifically to introduce community leaders and those who participate in community work to practices and concepts that they have limited experience with, our program effectively builds the capacity of people who wish to make their communities thrive.


For community leaders who wish to do something for their community, but need support to launch & sustain that program.


For community leaders who wish to do something for their community, but need support to launch & sustain that program.


For people who wish to start a nonprofit, start an NGO, or start a community program.


For people who want to learn how to get more money and resources for their organization.


For people who want to support the causes they love, and learn how to be a better employee, board member, volunteer, or program ally.


For people who do not have much experience with fundraising, community development, or leading a nonprofit or community organization.

Our training is holistic and focuses on building your skills and knowledge for long-term success. We provide the necessary foundation in community development and project management, so that you can be fully prepared to lead and launch an effective community program.

No prior experience or education needed in nonprofit management, community development, or anything else. All you need it to be passionate about your cause and community.

Open to anyone, anywhere in the world!

You don't need to be fluent in English. Can you understand this page? That's all you need!

Some offline options for people with limited internet.

What You Will Receive
  • Access to all courses (see list of courses here) including downloads, templates, and activities for 1 year.

  • Lifetime access to a private Facebook group and WhatsApp chat groups so you can network with and receive support from other trainees.

  • Personalized feedback of training homework for all courses.

  • 12 monthly personalized 1-hour coaching sessions covering all aspects of the training.*

  • 12 monthly 1-hour group coaching sessions with other trainees.*

  • Access to curriculum to read offline if you prefer to save data.

  • Certificates for each successfully-completed course, plus a Certificate of Accomplishment in Social Impact Leadership & Organizational Management.
What We Require of You
  • Speak and write English proficiently (a good test is whether you are able to understand everything on this page).

  • Have access to a computer.

  • Have the ability to participate in online calls for coaching.

  • Have the ability to pay for the internet (most participants should expect to use about 250-500 megabytes of data per week - costs for this will vary by country or carrier).

  • Either be a community insider or working with community insiders (someone who shares the same culture, ethnicity, or other shared characteristics of the community they are serving).

  • Wish to start, already has a community program, or is part of a community program that is charitable (a program that is meant to help the community in some way to overcome poverty, injustices, inequalities, or other social problems).
More details:*
  • Cohort starts March 29, 2021 and ends March 29, 2022.

  • Participants work through the training on their own, but each month a training topic is covered together and participants are encouraged to complete courses in the timelines provided so they can stay on track with the cohort.

  • Participants are expected to work on their training & homework for at least 3-5 hours each week, but may find they need more time. You can view a sample of the cohort calendar here to better understand how much time you will need.

  • The cohort is limited to 15 participants.

  • Each participant will choose a recurring monthly personal coaching call. Coaching sessions are 1 hour long, occur on the same date each month (such as the 2nd Tuesday of each month), and must take place between 9 am to 5 pm Central Standard Time.

  • Group coaching sessions will take place on the following Tuesdays at 8 am Central Standard Time:
    • April 6
    • May 4
    • June 1
    • July 6
    • August 3
    • September 7
    • October 5
    • November 2
    • December 7
    • January 4
    • February 1
    • March 1

Your Investment Into Your Future


The fee can be paid one time or monthly. 

If you are unable to pay for this fee, you will need to do two things.

1. Find others who can sponsor you. You can ask people in your community, your faith group, your school, your workplace, and even your family. People can make contributions to Cultivate to help you cover the program fees. You can learn more about this option here.

2. Apply for a scholarship through Cultivate. Scholarship funds are limited and are not guaranteed, but we will do everything we can to help you get the funds that you need. We offer full and partial scholarships. If you receive a partial scholarship, you can either pay for the remaining fee yourself, or find sponsors.  The scholarship application is available with the cohort application form below, or you can preview the form here

* Please note that  the program fee is not a tax-deductible donation to Cultivate, per IRS regulations.
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Ready to Join?
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