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Communications & Administration Coordinator

Posted 9.18.23

Open until filled.


The Communications and Administration Coordinator is responsible for multiple key aspects of Cultivate’s work.



  • Creates and maintains a strategic communications calendar which furthers Cultivate’s online presence via our website, social media, online communications, and other tools as needed.
    • Proactively plans and creates weekly social media posts and blog posts. Prepares all necessary things for the successful execution of the calendar, requesting ideas, updates, content from the Executive Director, Programs and Communications Manager, trainees and others as necessary to draft and finalize all content.
    • Follows a communications plan developed in collaboration with the Executive Director that consistently promotes Cultivate, and maintains a steady flow of content, increases online followers and Cultivate’s newsletter list signups.
    • Utilizes Canva and other tools to create brand-aligned content.
  • Assists Executive Director with editing of written content for blogs and other necessary documents.
  • Manages monthly webinars and trainee group coaching calls recordings – including editing of video recording, publishing video and presentation materials to YouTube and Cultivate’s website, and creating social media videos from samples of content.
  • Assistance with website management (this includes tasks such as drafting and creating WordPress content, such as publishing blog posts).
  • Occasionally participate in webinars, conferences, and other trainings to learn about current trends and best practices in nonprofit communications/marketing/branding and other areas key to successful execution of job responsibilities.


Program Administration:

  • Assists Executive Director with the recruitment of new trainees using social media and email campaigns, processing of bi-annual scholarship applications, onboarding administration in our CRM, and ongoing support of active trainees (monitoring their program progress). This includes but is not limited to: planning and executing social media, website, and email communications which assist in these processes, with a goal to create streamlined and efficient processes.
  • Prepare, occasionally participate in, and provide live zoom call administrative assistance, during monthly webinars and trainee coaching calls. Works with Executive Director to plan and prepare communications for upcoming webinars (including website edits, scheduling of promotional emails and social media marketing), and process and publish webinar recordings. When fitting, will also provide teaching to trainees during webinars on topics of expertise.


Other Responsibilities:

  • Assist Executive Director with scheduling speaking engagements, donor meetings, networking opportunities, and post-meeting follow up.
  • At times, other tasks and responsibilities may be added to the employee’s job description based on organizational needs, employee skillset, and mutually-agreed upon expectations and timelines.


We’re looking for someone who knows how to communicate well, is willing to learn new technology and isn’t afraid to try new things. We’re open to someone who is entering or reentering the workforce, who has other employment or personal commitments that limit their availability, and though they may not have a ton of experience in the things they will be doing with us, is going to give their all to master it quickly. It is not our expectation that candidates know how to execute all of these responsibilities without prior training, but once proper training has been offered, that the employee will successfully execute all aspects of their responsibilities.



Communications Management

  • Review monthly social media and communications calendar with staff: Monthly – 1 hour
  • Create weekly social media posts and videos (technology used: iMovie (or similar), Canva, Later): Weekly 2-5 hours
  • Write and edit blog posts (samples from courses, editorials, etc.): Monthly – 2-5 hours

Fundraising Administration           

  • Research, prospect and schedule speaking for Executive Director:  Monthly – 2-5 hours
  • Add donor records to QuickBooks Online and Zoho CRM: As needed
  • Monitor and execute Zoho CRM donor workflows: As needed
  • Create & send out donor emails - requests for meetings, annual reports & receipts, etc.: Monthly – 2-5 hours

Technology Management – Zoho CRM, CoAssemble (trainee curriculum program)

  • Zoho backups: Monthly – 10 minutes
  • Create, clean up records in Zoho: As needed
  • Create trainee records - Zoho: 2x per year
  • Monitor course completion of trainees in CoAssemble: Monthly – 1 hour


  • Monthly webinars – update WordPress website page with new webinar information, schedule promotional social media posts and emails: Monthly – 1-2 hours
  • Process (simple edits and publishing to YouTube and website) of video recordings of monthly webinars and trainee group coaching calls: Monthly – 3-5 hours
  • Update website with webinar recordings: Monthly – 1 hour



Location and Hours:

Maximum of 40 hours per month, with the expected average of 10 hours per week. Hourly rate of $21 per hour, non-exempt employee. If necessary, and with prior approval, the Executive Director may request or approve extra hours in a given month.

Work can be done remotely from anywhere in the within the USA** and work hours are flexible but must be able to attend bi-weekly meetings with the Executive Director between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM on weekdays. Advance notice of meetings will be given to the employee, and consideration will be given to conflicts with other employment and prior commitments.

** We are open to international candidates, but if hired, they would be paid and monitored as contractors rather than employees.


Supervision and Reporting:

Reports to: Chief Empowerment Officer.


Desired Qualifications:

  • Excellent computer skills, including Word and Excel.
  • Experience with social media management and trends, social media scheduling tools, basic video editing software (iMovie, Filmora, Vimeo, etc.), WordPress or similar website editing tools, and CRM systems is a plus but Cultivate will offer training.
  • Has knowledge and understanding of community development, leadership, and social entrepreneurship, or has a vested interest in growing in these fields.
  • Excellent organizational skills, exceptional oral and written communication skills; and strong interpersonal skills.
  • Demonstrates excellent judgment; high sense of integrity and ability to manage confidential information.
  • Proactive approach to addressing issues; strong sense of initiative; and task/results oriented.
  • Able to prioritize multiple projects simultaneously, while maintaining attention to detail.



Currently Cultivate does not have the financial capacity to offer benefits such as health care, retirement savings, or paid time off. However, we seek to be as flexible as possible so our staff can have the freedom to maintain other jobs and commitments, as well as take time off as needed.


Additional Info:

Candidates with a desire to empower locally-led efforts and local/minority leaders, work with a growing endeavor to learn more about international nonprofits, are encouraged to apply.

Anyone with travel, volunteer or work experience in a majority-world country or within marginalized communities locally, or who is native to such areas, would be especially fitting.

Please note – we recognize that this job lists many aspects that require technical know-how. However, we will provide full training and support in these functions.


To apply, email resume and cover letter to Feel free to share writing samples, a video introduction, and any other relevant information as well (though not required).