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Empower Causes You Care About - Be a Great Donor & Ally

Cultivate will be offering upcoming training for people who want to learn how to better support the organizations, programs, and causes they care about.

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We need people who can use their skills and experiences to serve Cultivate's programs and our trainees. Volunteers of all kind are needed and welcome. If you're willing to help, we've got a place for you.

Currently all our volunteer opportunities are remote. 

Our Most Needed Volunteering Positions
Program Evaluator -

Give as much time as you wish. We measure our impact by how much our trainees learn. Help us evaluate this by reviewing and giving feedback to our trainees on things like annual reports, quarterly newsletters, social media posts, financial reports, and other projects. No experience needed, just a good sense of communication.

Writer & Editor -
Give as much time as you wish. Assist with web copy, editing of curriculum, editing grants for Cultivate and our trainees, and other projects.
Administration -
1 hour per week or more. Assist with various admin tasks to keep us running smoothly such as financial management, communications, and database management.
Give Your Talents

Use your particular skills and talents to help further Cultivate’s programs and our trainees’ projects. Hours and tasks vary, based on need and your availability.  Currently we need the following volunteers to help with our program and to coach our trainees:

Photography/video -

Teach our trainees how to capture and edit; and assist them with photo and video editing. 1-4 hours per month.
Graphic design -
Teach our trainees how to do simple design work using free, online tools like Canva, and assist in the development of promotional and fundraising materials. 2-4 or more hours per month.

Grant writing -

Draft grant proposals. Strong writing skills are required, but grants experience is not (we’ll teach you!). 4-10 hours per month.

Social media content -

Research social media content (news, blogs, articles, pictures); draft weekly social media posts. 2-8 hours per month.

Marketing -

Help us learn how to best market and promote our organization and our trainees' projects; draft and implement Google ads, Facebook and other social media ads; research potential promotional avenues for us to pursue. 4-10 hours per month.

Fundraising -

Research and implement crowdfunding campaigns for our trainees’ projects; assist with fundraising events including securing silent auction donations, corporate sponsorships, and event logistics; assist with campaigns and endeavors to raise support from individuals, businesses, churches, rotaries, associations, clubs, and other groups. 4-10+ hours per month.

Intern With Us
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We need college students, recent graduates, and those looking to get hands-on experience in nonprofit start-up and management, entrepreneurship, social innovation, and leadership development. Internships are flexible and adaptable to your needs.
Be Our Networker

Do you know of others who should hear about Cultivate?


Can you introduce us to your networks?


Do you have experience in making connections and communications?

As Cultivate grows and expands, we need networkers to be on the front lines. We need you! 

In just a few hours a month Networkers can help by:

  • Connect us to your current networks
  • Attend meetings on behalf of Cultivate for rotary, BNI, Meet Up, and other meetings
  • Reach out to potential contacts on LinkedIn, email, or the phone on behalf of Cultivate
Help as You Travel Internationally

If you travel to any of the regions outside the United States where our trainees are located, you can help!

You can visit them for a half or full day and help us by conducting simple evaluations (we’ll give you everything you need and train you), taking pictures and videos, and gathering stories.

People are also needed to help us deliver program materials, books, and equipment to our trainees, to keep our shipping costs low (don’t worry, we’ll make sure that you don’t get in trouble with TSA or customs!).

If you have skills that you're able to help us with, please apply to volunteer.
Start Volunteering
More Ways to Support Our Mission
There are so many ways that you can help us receive financial support, at no cost to you and with very little effort.

Support us when you shop on Amazon.

Choose Cultivate as your charity and every time you shop, we get a small donation from Amazon.

The Amazon Smile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to us when you do these things:

  1. Visit from a browser on your computer or phone.
  2. Sign into your Amazon account if you’re not already, the above link will designate Cultivate International as your charity of choice. 
  3. If you shop using the Amazon app, you must first designate Cultivate on your browser. Then go into the app, select "Settings" then "Amazon Smile". Turn it to "on". Once you make this selection, you do not have to choose again for future purchases.
  4. If you need to search and designate Cultivate, there's a few Cultivates out there, so make sure you're choosing the right one that is based in Lakeville, MN.
  5. Shop as usual, and watch the donations add up!

Get Gas & Food Through
the GetUpside App

You get cash back on gas and food, and Cultivate gets a percentage of your purchase!

Simply download the app to your phone through this link and use it when purchasing gasoline or at participating restaurants. You'll get cash back and Cultivate gets a small grant from GetUpside as well.

Make sure you use invite code BSXPS when signing up so that Cultivate gets supported!

Donate Personal or Corporate Laptops

Is your company upgrading its laptops? We are in need of used laptops that we give to our trainees so they can access our training. Talk to your company's tech director and ask for old laptops to be donated.

Contact us at

Donate household items and electronics.

Got stuff that's taking up space?

Donate your items through Mighty Good Things and we'll receive all the proceeds from what they resell for you!

  • Smartphones
  • Laptops (we can take your laptops directly)
  • Bikes
  • Electronics
  • Sporting equipment
  • Housewares
  • Toys

Learn more and designate your donations to Cultivate here.

Thrivent Financial Grants

Thrivent Financial members can designate grants (Choice Dollars) to Cultivate at no cost to themselves.

To find out how much you are able to give and how to designate your grant to Cultivate, click here.

Thrivent Financial members can also create an Action Team to serve Cultivate, and receive $250 grants for the project. Learn more here.

Ways an Action Team can serve Cultivate:

  • Host a Paint & Sip, informal dinner, small concert, or other gathering in your home, church, workplace, or other group.
  • Host a virtual or in-person volunteer-a-thon where groups of 3-5 people help us for 2-4 hours with research, campaigns/event prep, program assistance, and other important tasks.

Workplace Giving

Support through workplace giving is a great way to not only support Cultivate but also promote the organization to other employees. By starting a workplace giving campaign, you will make an impact on people’s lives linking generous employees with the opportunity to give back.

Many companies allow for philanthropic giving whether it be through workplace giving or “adopting” a charity. The next time you’re selecting an organization to make a collective gift to, consider Cultivate.

Corporate Matching Programs

Many employers will match their employees' charitable giving. This means that your donations to Cultivate could be doubled!

Please check with your employer to find out if your gift could be matched. You will likely need to contact your employer (check with HR to start) and submit the paperwork yourself. However, if you need anything from us, please contact us.

Our EIN is 81-2626013 and our registered address is 17341 Idlewood Court, Lakeville, MN 55044.

Click here to see a list of companies that have Matching Gift Programs in Minnesota.

If your company is not listed but offers to match your charitable giving, please let us know so we can add them to this list.

Create a Fundraiser
You can set your own fundraising goals, invite others to contribute, and share your progress. It's very easy to set up and we'll give you everything you need!

Love for Our Mission

If you love what we do, there's no special occasion needed! Tell others why you love our mission and invite them to join you.

Your Birthday

Invite your friends & family to celebrate how awesome you are by making this world a better place for all.

Honor Others

Raise funds in honor of someone you love! Give them the satisfaction of knowing communities are being empowered on their behalf.

Goals or Milestones

Trying to reach a goal? Just reached a major milestone? Set up a fundraiser so your friends can cheer you on as you push yourself.
Create an Easy Online Fundraiser

Just click here or click on the "Donate" button at the top.  Then choose the "I want to fund raise for this" button at the bottom of that page. Follow the simple instructions and be sure to invite others to support your fundraiser!

Create a Fundraiser on Facebook

Creating a fundraiser on Facebook is easy to do, and Facebook pays 100% of donation processing fees so Cultivate gets all the donations!

  • Go to
  • On the left side, select "Fundraisers"
  • Then, select "Raise Money" on the right side below the image header.
  • Follow the instructions and you're all set!
  • Use the images and suggested posts below to share about your post.
Suggestions for Fundraiser Success

Make your page stand out. Did you add a header image? Did you give your fundraiser a great name? 

Share it! Use Facebook, Twitter, text messages, emails, and even Instagram to share your fundraiser with others. 

Choose a reasonable yet challenging goal. People naturally will only give as much as you ask them. If you set your goal too low, once you reach it, people may choose to stop giving. Choose a fundraising goal that's a bit of a stretch and challenge people to rise to the occasion. 

Commit to something unusual. Make a commitment to something unique, unusual, or even a bit off the beaten path to encourage others to give!

  • Do something you've never done before - like sky diving, public dancing, or karaoke.
  • Give something up - like Netflix, sugar, alcohol, or social media.
  • Change your style, looks, or daily routine.

Keep people engaged. During your fundraiser, post regularly on social media to remind people to give. Even more importantly, post why you think Cultivate is awesome and why you're doing this.

Cultivate Brand Materials
Sample Images, Emails, and Posts You Can Use

Media that you can use and download (simply click and download):

Cultivate Brand Materials
Sample Images, Emails, and Posts You Can Use

Media that you can use and download (simply click and download):

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