Our Impact

All our work is for the sake of making this world better for those who suffer the most. 

Each of our trainees' programs impact an average of 521 people in their communities; this means over 11,000 people worldwide have been impacted by Cultivate's work! 


Since 2016, Cultivate has trained and coached over 70 community leaders and organizations from 25 nations.


100% of our trainees are community insiders - they share the same culture, language, ethnic identity, socioeconomic status, or other important traits which deeply connect them to the people they serve.


Social good programs run by our trainees

Target Clients 11.9.23

The people helped by our trainees

People's Context

Our Global Vision

Social Good

Communities lead their own social good programming, which is impactful and financially sustained. Impoverished and marginalized communities worldwide gain the capacity to develop charitable programs  led by their own members and sustained through relationship-based networks of advocates and supporters.


Collective empowerment of community leaders, their program clients, and their greater community, by increasing their social capital, their confidence to achieve their own development goals, and their interconnectedness and inter-reliance.

Equity in the NGO Sector

The nonprofit/NGO development sector has an increasing representation of insider-led interventions and insiders are given more influence to direct the sector. The sector has greater representation of community insiders (BIPOC, marginalized or oppressed leaders) at top leadership levels.

Our Theory of Change

Insider-led social good programming supported by invested community advocates, which addresses the community’s self-identified goals.

Community participation in all aspects of programming, to create culturally-appropriate solutions with the potential for long-term sustainability.

Empowered leaders who inspire their community to embrace their own empowerment.

Strong, thriving, healthier communities who are better equipped to tackle their challenges.

Our Expected Outcomes

We expect each community leader we work with will have the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to launch a small-scale community development program, or improve their existing programs. This will lead to the following outcomes for their programs:

  • Increasing financial stability.
  • Increasing community impact.
  • Increasing community ownership and support



Come back soon as we publish the results of a long-term study of our impact.