Independent Learners Program

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  • You are free to purchase whichever courses you prefer,

    however, we recommend courses be completed in the order listed below, as each course builds on the previous ones. 

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Your Enrollment Empowers Others!

Over 96% of our global trainees receive scholarships. By enrolling in our program, you are also helping us offer scholarships to those who cannot afford the program. Thank you!

Courses are $69 each.

Coaching sessions are an additional $75 per hour. 

Scholarships are not available.

Access for one year. 

1. Computer Basics & Time Management for Organizational Leaders

Free with the purchase of any other course.

2. Introduction to Leadership Development & Personal Growth

3. Introduction to Asset-Based Community-Led Development & Community Empowerment

4. Program Design for Grassroots Community Organizations

5. Cultural Adaptivity for Cross-Cultural Work

$69 - or get it free when you purchase two other courses.

6. Introduction to Fundraising with Individuals, Businesses, & Organizations

This course is being revised and updated, and will be available by June 2023. If you purchase this course now, you will have access to the first half which covers fundraising best practices, running a fundraising online campaign, fundraising with individuals, and program revenue sources. New chapters on grants and fundraising with businesses and other organizations will be added with the update. Once the update is published, you will receive access to the second half regardless of when you purchased the course. 

7. Introduction to Basic Financial Management & Bookkeeping

8. Introduction to Communications for Community Organizations

9. Introduction to Program Evaluation

This course is being created, and will be available by August 2023 for purchase.

Program Benefits Overview

  • Access to any of our courses, including downloads, templates and activities.
  • Lifetime access to private WhatsApp chat groups to network with and receive support from other trainees, and ask questions to our coaches. 
  • Access to course activities to complete on your own, so you can practice and retain the information you have learned.
  • Access to curriculum to read offline if you prefer to save data.
  • Certificates for each successfully-completed course.
  • Certificate of Accomplishment in Social Impact Leadership & Organizational Management is awarded to those who successfully complete all our courses.

Personalized coaching sessions on any of our topics are available for additional purchase ($75 per 60-minute session or $18.75 for a 15-minute session). Coaching sessions sign up will be emailed to you.

Personalized feedback from your coach on your choice of curriculum documents or activities you complete (such as your business plan, fundraising or communications strategy, theory of change or logical framework analysis, community assessment and needs & assets mapping). Feedback is charged at $75 per hour.