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Internships With a Purpose

Are looking to get hands-on experience in social entrepreneurship, nonprofit management , and community development? We offer flexible internships that can be a stepping-stone to your next move!

Cultivate’s internship program is unique & builds effective intern leaders. Interns take the lead on many projects and learn to work independently & collaboratively. We offer interns opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.

Whether you are pursuing a future in the charitable or business sector, you will gain a wide variety of skills when working with us.

What Interns Are Saying
I was able to gain valuable experience in a variety of areas. I worked on several different projects across Cultivate’s work, and I believe my time at the organization will benefit me as I take steps to further my career.
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Project Management Intern
I was able to grow in my writing and networking skills, and I felt that my work was directly affecting the communities Cultivate partners with. I also learned more about the inner workings of a non-profit, but most importantly, I witnessed what it looks like to truly empower and engage a community. The work that Cultivate is doing matters, and it was cool to be a part of the process!
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Grant Writing Intern

Internship Benefits

  • Learn how to use project management tools and communications tools.
  • Work both independently and in team settings.
  • Have the opportunity to experience most aspects of nonprofit work.
  • Learn more about your interests and strengths through online tools and learn how to work using your strengths.
  • Grow through intern seminars on career development and issues affecting social impact and community development work.

Remote & Flexible Work Setting

  • Most intern work is done remotely, allowing for independence and flexibility. Your work time can be molded to your schedule and needs.
  • Interns gain valuable experience in project management programs & time management.
  • Group meetings give you clarity on your work.

Other Information

  • Internships are unpaid.
  • You could potentially earn school credit. Talk to your academic advisor, registrar, or department to begin that process. Each school is different so it is better to inquire earlier so we can better assist you with the process.
  • Candidates must be able to attend a weekly 1.5-hour virtual meeting (in-person meetings may resume in 2021). Meetings will take place on a weekday, between 8 am - 5 pm, based on the intern cohort availability.
  • Weekly time requirements & length of internship are listed in postings below. Most internships have a minimum 5-10 hours per week requirement. 
  • Candidates with a desire to empower locally-led efforts and local/minority leaders, work with a growing endeavor to learn more about local and international nonprofits, are encouraged to apply.
  • Anyone with travel, volunteer, or work experience in a developing country or marginalized community would be especially fitting.
  • Summer 2021 program starts on May 24 and ends on August 27. Apply by April 2.
  • 2021 Winter/Spring Internships have been filled.

To apply, email resume and cover letter to

Indicate the number of hours available and which internship you are applying for in the cover letter.

2021 Internships - Summer Term

Communications & Marketing

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Communications & Marketing Intern

We seek an intern who will play an active role in the communications & marketing for Cultivate. This internship will focus on developing and implementing strategies to maintain and build strong networks with Cultivate donors, followers, and others connected to us. The intern will also be responsible for prepping newsletters, social media posts, blogs, updating & developing marketing materials, and pursuing other avenues to raise awareness across the Twin Cities and internationally for Cultivate.


  • Collaborate with staff and other interns on communications and marketing strategy, content, and timeline.
  • Learn best practices for nonprofit marketing & communications.
  • Learn to use Cultivate’s branding appropriately, along with our core values and principles, in all communications that are produced.
  • Drafting and scheduling weekly social media posts.
  • Prepping and sending newsletters and other email updates.
  • Prepping and posting blogs.
  • Ongoing marketing efforts to potential partnerships for the organization.
  • Assist Cultivate trainees with marketing & communications as needed.
  • Oversee the collection and use of impact stories from Cultivate trainees.
  • Monitor and implement strategies for growth on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn
  • Other duties as needed for the operations of the organization.
  • Learn to utilize Cultivate’s tools and resources to accomplish the job – Trello, Slack, Zoho CRM, Later, Zoho Social, Canva, Zoho Surveys, and others as needed.


  • Currently has or is pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in Communications, Marketing, or related field.
  • Strong verbal and written skills.
  • Creativity is a plus!
  • Have knowledge and understanding of communications or marketing, or have a vested interest in growing in this field.

Time Commitment:

  • Minimum of 5 hours per week, more available if desired.