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Invest in community change today.
Support our campaign.
Help expand our impact & support more community leaders.
Lasting social change happens when community leaders are empowered and Cultivate’s capacity-building programs equip them to create more positive impact.
Community Leaders Helped
People Impacted Worldwide
Our one-of-a-kind digital learning and personalized coaching program has helped 36 community leaders grow their skills and understanding which have resulted in over 6,000 people worldwide receiving better services by these leaders’ programs.
New Programs in 2021
There are countless more communities waiting for their own leaders to arise and overcome. In 2021, Cultivate is launching 3 new programs that will allow us to drastically increase our reach and impact.
Our Goals
By December 31
New Recurring Monthly Donations
In Year-End Donations
Be an ally for community change. Together we can empower change for a better tomorrow.

What can you accomplish with your gift?

Other Ways to Support
Designate Cultivate as you do your holiday shopping & we receive cash from your purchases.
Designate Cultivate as you do your holiday shopping & we receive cash from your purchases. Set up it up by favoriting Cultivate, then choose us as you check out.
Donate exactly at 7 am on Dec. 1 and Facebook will match your donation dollar-for-dollar.*
Donate exactly at midnight on Dec. 1 and PayPal will match your donation dollar-for-dollar.*
Designate Cultivate and we will receive 10-25% of your outdoor apparel purchase through Dec. 20.
Download the app to receive discounts on gas and food, and Cultivate gets a percentage of your purchases.
Help us double your donation by asking your employer to match it.
* Why do we ask you to donate at these exact times? Facebook & PayPal set aside $7 million & $1 million, respectively, for Giving Tuesday matches. Typically these funds are exhausted within the first 15-30 minutes of the campaign going live! Our chances of getting the match are best when our donors give right at the start.

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