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Abbel | Haiti

Manager of Program Support, Compassion International
Working towards starting a ministry to provide a wholistic discipleship program in the Solino community of Port au Prince.

Jastine | Kenya

Executive Director, Olotopesi Company Limited
Providing sustainable clean water to impoverished local communities.

Biot | Uganda

Founder, Empathy for Orphan Children Uganda
Providing free vocational space to orphans while meeting their general welfare.

Francis | Kenya

Team Leader, Nyaramba Future Interventions
Providing education to see an HIV-free society.
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Kelvin | Zambia

Founder & Executive Director, Tusekwile Imiti Ikula Foundation
Promoting quality education for vulnerable children.
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Clement | Benin & Togo

Program Manager, Discipling for Development
Training individuals and families to improve their community's health and economy.
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Frankline | Kenya

Executive Director, Restoring Hopes Ministries
Impacting lives in families affected or infected with HIV/AIDs within Miwani Region.
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Padox | Kenya

Project Leader, Seed Foundation
Educating children in Kibera and providing meals to prepare them for secondary education.
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Debrework | Ethiopia

Founder & President, Addis Foundation for Community Health
Educating blind individuals and fighting avoidable blindness in Ethiopia.
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Denis | Kenya

Founder, Mtaa Safi initiative
Empowering and mentoring youth to help improve their capacity and development, through an environmental-conservation program.
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Mary | Tanzania

Missionary, Carmelite Missionaries
Working to help improve the lives of women through spiritual transformation and education of children.

Costa | Uganda

Chief Executive Officer, Fair Earth Foundation
Working to empower disadvantaged young people with vocational skills.
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Jane | Ghana

Discipling for Development Staff, Navigators
Training and mentoring teams through wholistic, discipleship-focused community development.
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Johnson | Guinea

Founder & General Coordinator, Fight Against AIDS Guinee West Africa
Eradicating HIV, Malaria, Tuberculosis and poverty through education, awareness and preventative programs.

Heber | Belize

Team Leader, Hicacos Academy Football Club
Sharing is caring with actions of positive knowledge.
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Fortune | Ghana

Program Manager, Hands on Skills Training
Teaching youth technical skills in welding and metal fabrication to prepare them for employment through mentorship programs.

Justine | Kenya

Chief Executive Officer, Africa Alliance for Health, Research and Economic Development
Helping water deficient communities achieve water security and health through water projects.
Collins Nyakpo pic

Collins | Ghana

Founder & CEO, Anchor of Hope Visions International
Mentorship, leadership training and career coaching in the educational sector.

Martinho | Mozambique

Executive Director, Seed of Hope
Meeting holistically the needs of children within the context of their families and their communities
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Eric | Kenya

Founder & Chairman, Association of Poverty Solutions
Provision of solutions for poverty eradication through training and empowerment.
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Caroline | Nigeria

Program Coordinator, Missionary Daughters of the Compassionate Lord Jesus
Showing compassion to the most disadvantaged.
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Philips | Uganda

Founder & Executive Director, Guardians for Humanitarian Assistance
Providing humanitarian assistance and human development support for refugees and host communities for their sustainable wellbeing.

Salomi | Nigeria

Account Officer, Missionary Daughters of the Compassionate Lord Jesus
Taking care of the less privileged children and assisting in the school as a teacher.

Sam | Malawi

Field Manager, Oxfam & Executive Director of Goodwill Community Development Partners
Expert in designing, implementation and management of integrated community driven development.

Babacar | Senegal

Founder, Bambey Serere Initiatives
Working to empower rural communities.

Paresh & Arnika | India

Founders, Transform East Alliance
Serving the most vulnerable through discipleship and holistic community services.
David - Pic

David | Ghana

Discipling for Development Coordinator, Navigators
Training and mentoring teams for wholistic, discipleship-focused community development.
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Lisbeth | Ecuador

Knowledge Translation Specialist
To make peoples and nations flourish
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Patrick | Nigeria

Founder, Pachiva Individual & Community Development Organization
My dream is education for all.

Cuau | Mexico

Founder, Integración Lógica Matemática
Educational opportunities for underserved, talented young mathematicians.

Esther | Kenya

Founder, Joy & Peace Mental Health
Empowering & counseling communities for psychological and emotional well-being.

Digna | Philippines

Founder, Indigenous Learning Institute
Promoting cultural and language preservation through community arts, theater and educational services.
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Kisongo | Democratic Republic of Congo

Founder & Executive Director, ALERT
Working to empower local churches and communities for economic sufficiency.
Oluoch, Michael

Michael | Kenya

Chief Operations Officer, Together for Africa
Providing solutions to empower young people socially and economically to be a part of the solution to reduce poverty.
Okino, Blessing

Blessing | Nigeria

Working to help my community with good water and clean environment.

Joanna Uganda

Coordinator, Movement for Community Led Development
I hope I contribute to enabling self-caring community.
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Nonyella | Nigeria

Founder, Nonyella Community Help
Because I feel and understand the pain of what my community is going through, I want to help create change to bring safety.
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Ernest | Malawi

President & CEO , CBOs Coalition for Human Rights & Good Governance
Building a collective voice for the Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in Malawi.
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Hellen Mary | Kenya

Head of Research & Development, Gifted Hands Group
Helping individuals have a strong voice in their work and a representation in local politics and governance
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Ralph | Zambia

Project Manager, Creative Hands Zambia
I love the work I do to help change negative mindset and work against dependency.
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Edouard | Rwanda

Creating a community based organization in agriculture
I am excited to build skills, towards social justice and dignity.
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Ogola | Kenya

Program Manager, Seed Kenya
To bring social change to help my people realize importance of education.
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Paul | Zambia

Board C, Amos Youth Centre
My passion is from a felt need to fight poverty and improve quality of life in the community.

Anatori | Uganda

Deputy Director, Alliance for Africa's Orphanages
To improve the well being of people in my community.
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Walter | South Sudan

Head of Programs, Women Relief Aid
I want to promote my community's development.
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