New Programs, New Look!

Here at Cultivate, we are busy working behind the scenes to launch three new programs in the coming year! Along with our new programs, we are excited to show off the new look of Cultivate’s branding. To help clarify our mission, and rejuvenate the expansion of our programs, we thought it was time to reflect this in a fresh perspective. 

You may notice our brand includes brighter colors in cooler tones, as well as a more circular logo. These colors and logo continue to reflect our diversity, mission to equip leaders in their communities and reverberate the hope for the impact to last a lifetime. 

We believe if passionate leaders have access to skills, resources, and community, we can empower change. Local community organizations have significant potential to create tomorrow’s future. Our one-of-a-kind digital learning and personalized coaching program has helped 36 community leaders grow their skills and understanding, resulting in over 6,000 people worldwide directly impacted by more confident, educated, and well-informed leaders who are running these programs around the world. 

“This year my nonprofit, Food for His Children, received a grant for professional development for our Tanzanian employees so that we could enroll them in the Cultivate Program. Cultivate is helping to equip my entire team in Tanzania to become the best we can be so that the work we are doing can have impact that matters and is focused on our mission.”

-Executive Director, Food for His Children in Tanzania 

While we are so proud of our first few years and what we have accomplished, there are countless more communities with leaders waiting for the opportunity to arise and overcome. These leaders need allies to support them in their journey. The driving force in the creation of our new programs is to see communities impacted just like Food For His Children, and the need is great. We are confident in our new programs because we have already seen the impact of community-led leadership and want to continue to offer it to as many leaders who are willing and able.

So What Are These New Programs? 

We are happy to share with you a little bit about how our programs have changed and expanded to offer more opportunities! Below are the three options we have created to fit different leaders to meet in whatever situation best suits them:

  • Independent Learners: Designed for anyone, anywhere, to access our courses and grow in their knowledge and skills for community work. 
  • Engaged Learners: Designed for anyone, anywhere, to access and complete  our program in the span of one year. This is designed for those who want more engagement with the program. 
  • Organizational Learners: Designed for teams, groups, or even entire organizations to work through the training curriculum together.**  

In the end, the creation of these programs is central to the desire and mission we hold dear, to serve more community leaders and scale our impact.  These community led programs are working diligently to break the cycles of poverty and dependency and we continue to see the evidence of this in the communities where our trainees are working.  At Cultivate, we believe the more leaders we can serve, the greater the impact, and the better this world will be for all. 

“[Cultivate is] equipping people so that they can do community development in a way that fosters independence, rather than creating unintended dependencies.” 

-Executive Director, Food for His Children

Stay tuned to see a fresh new look for Cultivate, and to receive updates on our programs, click here

**We are so grateful to the staff of Food for His Children in Tanzania, who have played a large part in the creation of this program.