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Transformative Partnerships

Our mission is not only to equip community leaders of nonprofits, NGOs, CBOs, and other grassroots community programs but also to equip people who are philanthropists, donors, allies, and supporters of social change.


Not all generosity creates transformative social change. Our experience with grassroots programs can give you a better way to mitigate harm and truly empower the causes you care about.

The Things We Take For Granted

Guides and Courses

Grow in your knowledge and practice of being a part of social change. For donors, allies of social causes, philanthropists of all giving levels, volunteers, and anyone who wants to do more for the good of others.

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Training, Consulting & Speaking

Work with us for personalized, in-depth training and consulting to advance your organization's impact and partnerships.

We can speak to your group on transformative partnerships, shifts and best practices in modern philanthropy, how to be a better giver and supporter, community development and much more.

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eBooks and Courses

Practicing Justice: A Guide To Help You Take Your Next Step

Included in the Guide:

  • What's the Problem?
    • Major Social Issues Worldwide
    • The Stacked Deck
  • Am I Part of the Problem?
    • Not Me
    • How We Benefit From Injustice
    • Why Should I Care?
    • Responsibility
  • How Can I Be A Part of the Solution?
    • Start With Yourself
    • Learn
    • Expand Your Circles
    • Expand Your Activism
    • Put Your Money & Resources to Work
    • Support the Organizations Doing Good Work

How to be A Better Giver: Take Your Philanthropy to the Next Level

Included in the Guide:

  • Determine what kind of giver you want to be.
  • Clarify what you want to support.
  • Discover organizations whose mission aligns with your passion and values.
  • Get to know the organizations.
  • Dig deeper and raise the bar.
  • Become a great donor.
  • Increase your involvement.
  • Final tips.

Building Purpose-Driven Businesses: A Roadmap to Social Impact

Included in the Guide:

  • Is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) really necessary?
  • Steps towards creating transformative social impact partnerships.
  • Your personal values & mindset about money.
  • Your business model & values.
  • The basic principles of social impact and community development.
  • The shifts and best practices in modern nonprofits & philanthropy.
  • Principles of business and nonprofit transformative partnerships.
  • Suggested resources for deeper learning.

Mastering the Art of Impactful Giving: Empowering Positive Change

Coming Soon!

An online course for donors, philanthropists and allies who wish to better support the organizations, programs, and causes they care about.

Impactful giving is key to social change. Become a donor who gives strategically to maximize your impact. This course will help you grow in your understanding and commitment to philanthropy, so your financial and tangible resources are able to better equip the organizations you love and achieve the impact our society needs.

We will dive deep into the history of philanthropy, helpful and harmful models of generosity, and explore innovative partnership models between donors and nonprofits, NGOs, CBOs and grassroots social impact programs.

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Training, Consulting & Speaking

  • Business & corporate teams, business associations

  • Church groups or staff, mission leadership teams

  • Rotary clubs, civic associations

  • Foundations, family trusts

  • Nonprofits or NGOs partnering with small community efforts

Take your social impact efforts to the next level. 

Making a positive change in the world is a collective effort, and we're here to equip your organization with the knowledge and tools you need to make a real difference.


Tailored Training Programs: Whether you're just starting your journey into social change or looking to enhance your existing initiatives, our training programs are designed to suit your needs. From short workshops to in-depth courses, we offer a range of options to equip your team with the skills and knowledge required to create a lasting impact.


Practical & Knowledgable Consulting: We use our decades of expertise to equip businesses, foundations, and organizations to enhance and expand their social impact initiatives, driving meaningful change. You're going to receive realistic, hands-on, and relevant insight that will improve your philanthropic efforts from day one.


Engaging Presentations: Inspire and educate your team with a compelling presentation that will ignite passion and action. We'll work closely with you deliver a customized talk that aligns with your organization's philanthropic goals.

  • How to have a transformative partnership with a nonprofit or NGO.

  • How to create a better CSR plan.

  • How to become a better supporter of the causes you love.

  • How to work better with nonprofits, int'l programs, missions.

  • How to pursue transformative philanthropy & funding.

The work of transformative partnerships locally and globally is key to our collective efforts towards social impact. We're committed to tailoring our fees to accommodate the budgets of all organizations that can benefit from our services.