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Where We Have Worked
Our trainees come from many places throughout the world, and are creating incredible programs and organizations to better their communities.
Meet Some of Our Past & Present Trainees
Debrework | Ethiopia
Debrework is a nurse and assistant professor in the Twin Cities. She's also Ethiopian and has a deep conviction to help the countless Ethiopians who suffer because of their blindness. She is working with Cultivate to grow her new nonprofit, Addis Foundation for Community Health,  that serves vulnerable people who are blind, and provides healthcare services to prevent blindness and better prepare local practitioners. 
Food For His Children | Tanzania

Food for His Children empowers the rural poor in Tanzania so that they can provide food, medical care and education for their children and become all God created them to be. Food for His Children transforms generations. One family. One Dairy goat at a time. 

Kelvin | Zambia
Kelvin is a teacher, and is the founder of Tusekwile Imiti Ikula Foundation, an educational organization serving in the Sansamwenje community of Isoka District, Zambia. TIIF serves vulnerable children who cannot access education due to their extreme poverty and helps them have the resources and funding to attend school, and educates the community against practices that stunt their development and life-long success, such as childhood marriage and labor. Kelvin is a well-educated, motivated young man who has the respect of his community and has dedicated his life to serving them.
Martinho | Mozambique
Martinho is a pastor, educator, and leader for his people. His organization, Seed of Hope, is meeting holistically the needs of children within the context of their families and the community of which they are a part. Additionally, Seed of Hope responds to community challenges such as illiteracy, poverty, unemployment, crime, premature marriages, HIV and other infectious diseases. He is creating projects that empower people economically and mobilize his community. 
Digna | Philippines
Digna is strong and tenacious. She's intelligent, hardworking, and knows what she wants from life. She has a doctorate in cultural studies and education and worked with Cultivate to grow her arts and music program for the youth of the Igorot people group, who know little of their cultural history, in order to preserve their rich culture and ensure that future generations will know more about their culturally-rich past.
Sam | Liberia
Sam is a pastor & ministry founder, he is a published author, and he is also a hardworking man who has a heart to break the yoke of poverty in his community. His organization, Liberian Initiatives for Poverty Reduction (LIPOR), serves single mothers, children, prostitutes and youth in the community by offering them basic skills in computer training, tailoring, catering, soap making, customer service, management and other employable skills to empower them financially.
Frankline | Kenya
Frankline has dedicated his life's work to helping the most vulnerable children in his community - those who are infected or orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Through Restoring Hope Ministries, he is giving a hand of hope through child care, education, and vocational training to children who are marginalized and oppressed by the community for their disease. His orphanage and school offers them opportunities that no one else does. His efforts focus on not only caring for these children, but integrating them into a society that often shuns them.
Justine | Kenya
Justine is the President of Africa Alliance for Health, Research and Economic Development (AAHRED), a Kenyan organization fighting to harness the potential of communities to help themselves, assume control of their own development and improve their standard of living through poverty eradication and the prevention of diseases.
Fortune | Ghana
Fortune is passionate about helping his community and he knows that for the next generation to overcome poverty, they must have employable skills. He is working with Cultivate to launch Hands-on Skills Training (HOST) that will teach youth technical skills in welding and metal fabrication, and prepare them for employment through mentorship programs. Through HOST, they can gain the valuable skills needed to find employment and overcome the poverty cycle.
Jastine | Kenya
Jastine is dedicated and committed. He is the co-founder and Executive Director of Olotepesi Company Limited, an organization that is improving access to clean water, supporting orphaned and vulnerable children, and environmental conservation improvement in Kenya. He's working diligently to make sure that everyone in his community has access to clean water, and is now working with Cultivate to grow in his understanding of himself, his community and how to lead a strong, healthy community program.  
Paresh & Arnika | India
Arnika and Paresh have a passion for their people and work tirelessly to teach and show that a better, more joyful, life can be had by those suffering the most in India. Paresh is a bible teacher and evangelist, who leads Transform East Alliance, a ministry to teach Indians about the Christian faith. Arnika is a teacher and finance director. Paresh and Arnika worked with Cultivate to build a program for their community to give women employable skills in sewing, and small business startups, fight human trafficking, and bring clean water to communities that need it most.
Johnson | Guinea
Johnson is a pastor, economist, educator, and founder of Fight Against Aids Guinee West Africa. Seeing the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis in his community, he established a hospital to serve those who could not travel the long distances needed to other facilities.  Believing that education and self sustainability can be a solution to end poverty, he now seeks to create a school and self-sustainability programs for women.
Daniel | Kenya
Daniel is a sociologist and community leader who works for Matata Hospital as Outreach Coordinator. He and his team are working towards a healthier community with the goal of a 95% reduction in chronic illnesses. He wants to become a leader that would not only eradicate poverty in his community, but also inspire other young community leaders.
Padox | Kenya
Padox has been called the patron saint of Kibera, and that’s an appropriate name. He intimately knows the difficulties of life in Nairobi’s largest slum. Seeing the struggle that so many families have to give their children an opportunity to learn, Padox started the Seed Academy primary school and now educates over 100 young children. At the school, they receive a healthy meal, a basic education to prepare them for exams to qualify for secondary education, and above all, hope for their future. Padox is working with Cultivate to offer free education to more children, as well as other community efforts in rural communities in western Kenya.
Babacar | Senegal

Babacar is the founder of Bambey Serere Initiatives, a community development organization in Senegal. Babacar  is a sociologist of organizations and also an engineer in local development. He works with Cultivate to strengthen his capacities in organizational management.

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