Capacity Building for Community Leaders

You know your community best and what solutions are needed for social change.  We have a program that can help empower you to bring about this change.

Online Training

Courses to build your knowledge and skills as a community and organizational leader.

Personalized Coaching

Receive feedback, support and ideas through one-on-one coaching with our Executive Director to address your questions and the challenges you face in your work.

Our program provides a springboard for leaders and a foundation of essential knowledge, skills and capacity to address the challenges in their community.

Our training is holistic and focuses on building skills and knowledge for long-term success.

We provide the support you need so you can be fully prepared to lead and launch effective community programs.

We specifically developed this training to introduce you to the practices and concepts you may have limited experience with.


Who is our training for?

  • Community leaders who wish to do something for their community, but need support to launch and sustain that program.

  • People who wish to start a nonprofit, NGO, or community program.

  • Those who want to learn how to get more funding and resources for their organization.

  • People who want to support causes they love and learn how to be a better employee, board member, volunteer or program ally.

  • People who do not have much experience with fundraising, community development, or leading a nonprofit or community organization.

  • Those who are passionate about a social cause and community! No prior experience or education needed in nonprofit management or community development.

  • Anyone, anywhere in the world is welcome to our training.

  • Anyone who can understand this website! No need to be fluent in English.

  • People with limited internet or excellent internet! Offline options available.

9 Core Training Topics

Leadership Development & Personal Growth

Asset-Based Community-Led Development & Community Empowerment

Program Design for Grassroots Community Organizations

Cultural Adaptability for Cross-Cultural Work

Fundraising with Individuals, Businesses & Organizations

Financial Management & Bookkeeping for Startup Nonprofits, NGOs, & Community Organizations

Measurement & Evaluation of Program Impact

Communications & Online Program Marketing

Computer Basics & Time Management for Program Leadership

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Program Benefits

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We offer courses to help you grow in your understanding of the foundational aspects of starting and running a successful community program.

All training is offered online with download options for those who have limited access to internet. Access to the courses is available anytime using a computer or mobile device. The courses consist of reading, videos, audio lectures and activities to put your knowledge to work.

Most of our courses require you to finish within 60 days to earn a certificate for that course, though some longer ones offer 90 days for completion.

In order to complete the training, participants should plan to work at least 3-5 hours per week for most courses. Many activities will be most beneficial to work with others in your community, such as your board of directors, leadership team or staff.

We offer you our technical expertise, guidance and support for success. We get to know your community and organization through you, in order to offer our best coaching possible.

You can receive personalized coaching in project development, management, fundraising, leadership, communications, and other topics specific to your community and project.

Cohort members also participate in group coaching sessions once a month with other trainees. 

All of our coaching is easy to access and takes place through phone calls and online video calls.

We provide the tools and support for fundraising that will allow you to receive financial support for long-term sustainability and impact. Cultivate does not give out grants or donations to our trainees for their community work.

You will have access to curriculum and coaching in fundraising to help jump-start your program and create a financial base for long-term success. You will also gain experience in donation management and reporting, applying for grants, using social media for donations and crowdfunding, and experience in growing a diverse source of financial support from individuals, foundations, groups, and businesses.

Organizations that need fiscal sponsorship (to raise funds in the USA - whether domestic or international) are given recommendations to our vetted organizations, thus allowing those projects to fundraise with American donors.

All of our trainees have access to learn from one another and build their networks with other like-minded nonprofit founders, NGO Executive Directors, organizational staff, and more. Our trainees connect with one another to ask questions, discover new ideas, receive encouragement, and support one another through the highs and lows of serving a community.

Trainees can connect with one another through our private Facebook group, WhatsApp group chats, course chats, and private website.

Don't Do This Work Alone

Community changemakers cannot be isolated to be effective.
Get the support you need to thrive as the leader of a community development program.

Build your capacity and make a positive impact.