Cultivate's leadership program has helped me to improve my leadership skills. It has enabled me to discover a new way of innovating and managing people. It has helped me to grow in my communication skills, grow in self- confidence as a leader. I have learnt on how to build strong and united team.  Now I can implement effective leadership strategies.  

I have learnt to receive feedback and able to give feedback from my team. It has increased my knowledge on problem -solving, decision -making, and program design.

Some values I cherished and I feel they are part of my working tools are time management, motivation, determination and dedication, collaboration, communication, flexibility, teamwork, perseverance and creativity, interpersonal relationship, acceptance of failure, compassion and empathy.

I wish many will have access to this program because it is so enriching.

Julietmary Ekeada


Cultivate has helped me boost my self-confidence and enable me to communicate my vision in a way that truly motivates the people around me.

They have helped me to increase my productivity and develop new strategies that are driving our organization to new heights. Couldn't have done it better myself without you. THANK YOU CULTIVATE! 

Salomi Matthew


Cultivate is one of the best organizations that is fighting to help communities have something to fight for. Through their training, Cultivate has impacted my community in a way that is going to propel us to greater heights. If I were to choose again, I would choose Cultivate over and over again.

Daniel Kalala


As a program manager, sometimes I struggle with public speaking and effective communication within my team. After enrolling in the comprehensive communication training program with Cultivate, I now gained confidence in expressing my ideas clearly and concisely with my team members and the communities. As a result, I [have] become a more effective team leader, leading to improved collaboration, stronger relationships with my team members and increased recognition within my organization.

Fortune Husunugboh


I have had dreams of launching a ministry for years but there was one piece missing, the training and structure needed to launch this vision and this is exactly where the work of Cultivate comes in. 

With Cultivate, I am equipped to make the dream come true to launch the ministry. The content of the curriculum is so profound and relevant, the community of leaders from different horizons and countries is so enriching and the potential for community transformation that has been unleashed is so life changing. 
I am forever grateful to God for bringing to me and my community the ministry of Cultivate for such a time like this. 

Abbel Joseph


To NGOs who need to advance in their community work:

If you need a place to learn, grow and multiply, Cultivate should be your choice. They have changed my approach and challenged my way of thinking about many things. Since I joined Cultivate, it has helped me reorganize our organization and bring it to a higher standard. Learn from Cultivate today and you will smile forever.

Johnson C. Ezigbo


Cultivate has equipped our team with skills in time management and is helping us to better assess our impact and assure that we are addressing the right problems to achieve the outcomes we hope to see.

Pastor Kerrie Holschbach

Founder and Executive Director, Food For His Children

Cultivate helps make my job easier by giving me a lot of ways to initiate different ideas I can practice in my community [to improve it].

Abumad Juma


I got engaged with Cultivate in 2016 at its earlier days of inception. At the time Seed Foundation was struggling and had very limited options to grow. Today, am happy to announce that as the Program Leader I have tremendously grown in capacity as I continue to attend regular online sessions with Elaine through coaching and other resource access through their portal. Seed Foundation is able to expand its programs and capacities reaching out and impacting hundreds in the villages where we operate in the most informal areas in Kenya. The trainings equipped me with the skills and knowledge to approach individual donors from multifaceted cultural settings leading to the current growth and expansion of Seed Foundation's impact. Thank you Cultivate, as all this would be impossible without your solid input.

Padox Aouki


As a Partnership Preparation Specialist in my organization, I am responsible to train the leaders of the potential partners so that they can be able to elaborate their strategic plan regarding the development of their community. The Cultivate Program Design Course helps me to better understand the process of identifying problems that a community is facing, and solving them. [Exercises we have gone through such as the] “problem tree” and the “solution tree” are very helpful for me.

I am very thankful to Cultivate for this training.

Jean Jocelyn Dufreine


Cultivate has helped me understand time management, to say no to guilt and give assistance and resources wisely, and most importantly, I have learned to take time for myself and my family too.

Francis Otieno


The leadership courses have helped me so much, especially when organizing community leadership training and community service. 

I am looking forward to starting another new course soon!

Samson Ismael


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