Self-Reflection: Time Management

How Do You Manage Your Time?

In our intro course, we ask our trainees to take a glimpse at their time management. We feel this is always a good practice to periodically reevaluate, even for ourselves! Feel free to take a moment for yourself as well.  After what has been a full year of changes in nearly every person’s life, you may have had the opportunity to re-evaluate some of your prior commitments, but if not, it is a worthwhile practice! 

Make A List

First, make a list of all your responsibilities and commitments.  Next, track your time for a week to see where you actually spend your time. We often think we may only spend a few minutes each day on social media, or checking our emails, but in reality we might spend hours.  Then, ask yourself a few questions to evaluate: 

  • What are the commitments I currently have which I absolutely cannot give up or do not want to give up? 
  • What am I doing right now that I could learn how to do more quickly, or delegate to others?
  • What am I spending my time on that I could stop doing, or do less?
  • How much time do I really have in a typical day, week, or month that I could set aside to work toward a new project/hobby/or other desired outcome?

Promise Yourself to Make These Changes

If you need to make changes on how you spend your time, make a promise to yourself that you will make those changes, no matter how hard they may be. Maybe you learned you spend too much time wasted on the internet or watching TV. Work hard to make that change. Ask others for help. Find someone you can be accountable to about this (or maybe you already have someone in your life like this!) and ask them to help you keep your promise. 

The information contained in this comes from our Computer Basics & Time Management for Organizational Leaders Course, included free with all course purchases of our training. Visit to learn more or to get started!