We are currently evaluating our future volunteer needs. If you are interested to learn more about sharing your skills to help us further our mission, please connect with us. All opportunities are virtual and remote. 


If you are interested in volunteering in person or remotely for one of our trainees' programs, connect with us to discuss this further. Many of our trainees need help with the following:

  • Social media
  • Creating quarterly electronic newsletters
  • Website creation
  • Grants research
  • Editing grant applications
  • Networking
  • Fundraising
  • Creating publications such as annual reports & brochures

Network for Us!

  • Do you know others who should hear about Cultivate?

  • Can you introduce us to your networks?

  • Do you have experience in communication and making connections?

As Cultivate grows and expands, we need networkers on the front lines. We need people like you!

For just a few hours a month, networkers can help by:

  • Connecting us to your current networks
  • Attending meetings on behalf of Cultivate for rotary, BNI, Meet Up, and other gatherings
  • Reaching out to potential contacts on LinkedIn, email, or by phone on behalf of Cultivate

Help as You Travel Internationally

If you travel outside of the United States to a region where one of our trainees are located, you can help!

You can visit them for a half or full day and help us by conducting simple evaluations (we will give you everything you need and train you), taking pictures and videos, and gathering stories.

We also need help to deliver program materials, books, and equipment to our trainees to keep our shipping costs low (don’t worry, we will make sure everything is TSA and customs approved!).

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please connect with us!