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Join Our Board of Directors

If you are looking to give of your talents and resources to something you can truly be passionate about, joining our board may be just what you are looking for!

We are looking for board members who have a commitment to our mission to empower community leaders, to alleviate community struggles, and create growth and positive social impact.

Our board member positions have the following expectations:

The most important attributes you can contribute as a board member are your leadership, desire to further Cultivate’s mission, and due diligence to keep us operating well.
Help further our mission and programs by giving of your time, skills, knowledge, resources, and networks.
Attend monthly meeting and bi-monthly committee meetings.
Board terms last 2 years. Officer terms last one year.
At a minimum, board members must set aside 3-4 hours per month to assist with Cultivate needs and attend board meetings and committee meetings.
All board members are expected to give a capacity gift to Cultivate International on a year basis (or monthly recurring is that is preferred). A capacity gift is a gift of any amount that the board member considers within his or her financial capacity and is within the top 3 charitable organizations that he or she chooses to support.
If you are interested to learn more?

Please send us your resume and any questions or comments to