In Remembrance of 9/11

Today is a day of remembrance and mourning in the USA for the terrorist attacks that happened 18 years ago. The world changed after this event in so many ways, not only for Americans, but for humanity as a whole. We now live in a world where people have more fear, more uncertainty, and more nationalism.

Read the words of encouragement our Executive Director shared with our trainees in remembrance of this day: 

You are all doing amazing work and the world needs it. Don’t forget that you all are not only leaders for your community and for the next generation, but you are also examples to the world that people are good, that people can be trusted, and that what happens in one corner of the world affects all other parts as well. It is your responsibility to show the world that when we focus on supporting our communities, when we give love, when we are generous, when we support the destitute, the marginalized, the forgotten, we are making this world safer, healthier, and more connected. Stay the course. I know your work is hard and the barriers you face are great. However, I believe with my whole heart that you are needed. You matter and you are making a difference. Represent your communities, your nations, your cultures, your beliefs with dignity, integrity, and humility. Be proud of all the good you represent. And whenever an opportunity comes across your way, choose the path of love, selflessness, and kindness, and I guarantee our world will be better for it. I am so honored to serve all of you.

-Elaine, Executive Director