Prepare For What’s To Come

Working towards something that has not yet arrived is tough. You must have a strong vision to keep you moving, and when your energy falters, you must have something to cling to just so you can keep moving. That’s where I feel right now. I spend so much of my time and energy working on things for Cultivate that are future-oriented, rather than just what is needed today. Some might say that is wise, others may say that it is foolish. Maybe its both.

I have a vision for what I believe Cultivate will be someday. That vision fuels me, propels me to orient my days towards work that is paving the path for that vision. But it’s really hard sometimes to keep doing work when you can’t yet see results. I have invested so much of my life into this vision, and at this point, there’s no turning back. Someday, I know that Cultivate is going to be supporting hundreds of community leaders all across this world. These leaders will be affecting positive, lasting change in the lives of thousands of others. It’s a ripple effect that will be felt for generations to come.

Today, we’re not there. But today, I have to focus my energy on the what I know is needed so that when those hundreds of leaders come across our path, we are ready for them. It is the mundane tasks which need my attention – tasks like making sure our financial systems are in place, that we have the proper governance and management structures to support that many people, and that as an organization we can handle the growth without too many terrible growing pains. It is going to be hard, that I know. But I am so excited for that day!

So today, tomorrow, and this year, I continue my labor of love in preparing Cultivate for the future. I could just keep things as they are, supporting a handful of trainees we are fully dedicated to. We could just deal with issues as they come along, and figure out solutions only when a problem arises. Or, we can orient our way of working towards building the foundation now that allows for exponential growth in the future. Anticipating problems and creating those solutions today. We are preparing for what I am certain is to come. I know that without a doubt.

-Elaine, Executive Director