A Clearer Purpose and Direction

Robert addressing the Twegeme Walala Women’s Group

Robert did not have any formal training on how to effectively serve his community until working with Cultivate. His community organization is working to address extreme poverty in Kampala, Uganda. Because of Cultivate, Robert is learning how to manage his time better, improve his computer skills, and set clear goals for himself and his organization. He is addressing poverty with a clearer purpose and direction.

Now, Robert can work more effectively with individuals in his community to address issues such as misinformation in healthcare. Recently, while working with a group of women, he was able to teach them the importance of screening for issues such as breast cancer and cervical cancer. Many women had believed cancer screening was a form of witchcraft, and Robert was able to educate individuals about the importance of timely healthcare screenings so that they can receive proper medical care.

With a clearer purpose and direction, Robert remarked how much he recommends our training for those working in their communities, and wished he had started sooner!

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